Let’s Talk about Money

Money is such a contentious and emotive subject.

We never feel we have enough of it or if we do, we are scared to invest it, in case we lose it.

It’s always fascinated me why so many lottery winners lose their money after a few years and end up in debt. How is that possible?

Well after discovering the Sacred Money Archetypes, I now understand why it happens.

Being challenged around money?

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After all you cannot change something you have no awareness of, right?

How Can I Help You after That?

I run a number of courses and workshops to dive deeper into the subject, to give clarity around your relationship with money and then give you practical tools on how to get the best out of your finances.

Firstly, you create stability. Then you create abundance!

I believe in order to change anything for the better and permanently it takes time and consistent focus.


My vision is for all women to become more financially confident through education.


My mission is to change 10,000 women’s lives to achieve financial freedom.

My Legacy

For my children and yours to know how to handle their money and secure their future even in a world of uncertainty while pursuing their dreams.

How best to describe Pollyanna? Insightful, empathetic, incredibly intuitive – in fact, I’d swear there’s something of the ‘magical’ about Pollyanna! She just ‘knows’, and then she ‘does’ – and that’s when the magic happens!

If you’re looking for ordinary, look elsewhere. If you want incredible results with a hint of ‘how did she do that??’ – then Pollyanna has got to be your choice!

Lynne Elder