Money Archetype Quiz

Have you ever wondered how you make decisions about your money and wished you could make better decisions? This FREE quiz discovers the predominant Archetype that influences your money-related decisions.

Why is that important? Well when you become aware of what is driving you, you’ll make better decisions about your money.

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Women’s PowerTypesTM Profile

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, tired & busy or feel as if life is passing you by? How would you like to live a full life with purpose, shining your light and feeling more powerful? This FREE quiz will show you where you are now and give you a fast, powerful and effective way to a deeper understanding of yourself and your current challenges.

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Archetype Debrief

Once you have your results, book an appointment to discover the meaning of each archetype in-depth and hear how they show up in your life and what can be done to improve them if necessary.

This In-depth 30 Minute telephone/skype call costs just £47.00 and will explain why you keep repeating the same old routines, why you feel stuck, or burnt-out, or why you simply don’t feel that you’re getting the most from life.

  • Women’s Profile Cards Pack of Five Cards – £25.00
  • Money Archetype Cards Pack of Eight Cards – £40.00
  • Women’s PowerTypes Package 30 Minute call + 5 profile cards + free postage – £57.00
  • Money Archetype Package 30 Minute call + 8 Money cards + free postage – £72.00
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