I came across Reiki when I was in back pain from carrying my babies on my hips.

Having floated out of the room after a treatment I knew I was going back!

The wonderful lady who treated me Helen Leathers was running a course and I ended up doing all three courses in a year. Having been a Reiki Master since 2001, I believe everyone should have Reiki in their life. It is an amazing tool that you have with you at all times. It is a Japanese healing technique which uses Universal energy to balance our body and energies, having been used for hundreds of years.


Since I became a Master, I have worked with people of all ages from a new born baby to a lady of 88yrs, Conditions I have treated have ranged from depression, grief, eating disorders, anxiety, back pain, headaches, cancer and many more stress related issues. Reiki is wonderful for stress reduction, relaxation and promotes healing.

Administered by “laying on of hands”, it’s based on the idea that an unseen “life energy force” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. As part of the healing process headaches, flu-like symptoms or feeling tearful may occur as emotions are brought to the surface. These generally pass quickly, leaving you feeling more vibrant afterwards.

Pure Love

I describe Reiki as pure love.

You know the feeling when you first fall in love? You hop out of bed in the morning, notice the sights, sounds and smell of nature, smile to complete strangers and nothing fazes you. That’s what Reiki feels like.

It makes you feel lighter, unburdened, calmer and stronger to cope with day to day living. When you feel stuck or overwhelmed Reiki is a good catalyst for change in an easy and gentle way.

If you would like permanent change then take a course and have Reiki in your life forever.

Reiki Course One

Reiki Course Two

Reiki Masters Course

Learning the history, how, why and when, you will learn the techniques and receive the attunements.

Then you will practice your new found skills. You will then be able to use them on yourself and family.

Learn the history of Traditional Usui Reiki. You will learn the principles of: how Reiki works; self-healing and be attuned so that you can have and give Reiki. You will practise on each other and be shown the hand positions, to give treatments for yourself and others.

Please contact me for next available dates. Cost: £175

For those who’ve completed Reiki 1 and want to move to the next level. Receiving a further attunement and three symbols to use in more depth.

After this course, if you wish, you can become a practitioner for yourself and others starting with your own clients.

You will be given three symbols to add to your Reiki; they are to increase your power, for emotional healing, and distance healing. You will be shown what these symbols are, how to draw them and how to use them. We will also discuss how you would like to use your Reiki for personal use or to set up a business.

lease contact me for next available dates.
Cost: £200

For anyone who has done Reiki 1 & 2. This time you will receive another attunement and a further three symbols.

You will also be taught how to give attunements and how to run your own courses.

You will receive a further boost to the healing energy, with three more symbols and you will be taught how to pass on attunements to others. We will discuss the journey so far and what’s next for you. Healing attunements and initiations, room preparation, running courses.

lease contact me for next available dates. Cost: £350

What to Expect

When attending one of my Reiki courses you’ll receive the appropriate attunements, learn the history guidance and uses of Reiki with plenty of practical exercises. with yummy food, in a relaxed and fun environment.

Each participant will receive a manual and certificate.

You will also be invited to continue your practice once a month for a year attending a Reiki Circle. Here you can share your experiences, practice your skills, ask questions and gain confidence with your new skills.